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Wellness and Health Care

Good health is a form of wealth !
 The history of HEALTH CARE is rooted an the use of plants, oils, nutrition & herbs.  Recently, because of the emergence of "super-bugs" and mutant viruses that seem to not be stopped by  'modern drugs' -- the need to return to effective use of those effective ways has become a very important issue.
Learn more about a variety of non-toxic,  drug-less natural ways to take care of your health.... to lose weight and feel great... to fight against viruses & bacteria  -- and to GET WELL and STAY WELL.

Nutrition is essential for good health !

Sickness is not a sign that our body and mind

are suffering from lack of prescription drugs. 

Most drugs only help to alleviate symptoms

-- to cover up pain. 

Self-healing is in the design !

HAVE YOU EVER cut your hand (or other body part) .... and then gave it some treatment, T.L.C. -- and in a short time period -- amazingly ... "abracadabra" ---> the injury healed up ????  * No.... it is not magic. The body is designed to heal itself !

And the same principle applies to more serious injuries or sicknesses -- they can be repaired (if not too far damaged).  To help the healing process -- eating a well-balanced diet of nutritious foods,  use supplements that are made from natural sources ...

in order to provide your body and mind with the best sources for its needs.

   Studies have shown ....

Research has shown that LACK of NUTRIENTS is one of the main causes of major sicknesses.  For people who have a long history of poor eating habits, use of lots of medications, etc. -- there is a high risk that they can get sick or infected with COVID. And such conditions make healing more difficult.    Recent autopsies on COVID patients show that there was a pattern among them -- lack of certain vitamins & minerals.


Don't let all of the complex "health info" that is circulating confuse you. This easy-to-read manual (which contains lots of pictures & diagrams) offers readers suggestions for HEALING... via use of non-toxic, non-invasive (natural) ways to improve their state of health. the more we can learn about how our bodies and minds function and what is essential for health -- the better off we will be. Many sicknesses are caused by POOR NUTRITION... and lack of the essentials for good health -- such as: HERBS,  CBD,  FRUITS,  OXYGEN, WATER, EXERCISE, HOLISTIC THERAPIES,  etc.

This book is available via AMAZON

These Edutainment books are filled with information and resources to empower readers to improve their health.  Some of these books  contain fun activities that can be used to spice up classes,  for youth groups, for home schooling, club meetings,  etc.
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This booklet is full of affordable ways to enhance your health and income !

Whether you already have a business or you want to start earning

extra money from home-- there is something valuable in it for you.

Boost Health & Wealt​h

Get this Edutainment "Biz in a Box"

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as you learn ways to improve your own

state of health and help other people.

Emotional and Mental Ailments

The first step toward healing is to correctly identify and diagnose the problems. 

Emotional ailments can be connected to one's environment (such as abuse) 

and lack of good nutrition.  Other mental problems may be caused by

diseases,  tumors, chemical-overload, drugs, trauma, and/or other culprits.

   After a good assessment is done, using effective therapies and remedies

will lead to good outcomes.  There is a variety of effective therapies --- some

are done with a professional counselor.   Improving one's diet and

nutritional intake is essential for enhancing physical and mental healing.

  Edutainment books are filled with the most effective therapies, remedies and resources available.   


This Handbook is filled with information about relationships ... abuse protections,  trauma,  anxiety,  depression,  and more.

It is a guide for counselors, trainers, and others who work

with "marital difficulties" .... "drug & alcohol addiction"... "domestic violence" and/ or "anti-gang violence" services and agencies.

Balance  both  BODY and MIND

If you are sick & tired of being sick & tired  -- it is a big signal

that you need to change some things

in your life.  In addition to improving your dietary habits

and nutritional intake -- find ways to relax and reduce stress.

EXERCISE is very important in achieving and maintaining good health.  Find ways to get out and move.
In addition to consuming good nutrition -- get outside and consume some of Nature's healing powers.

edutainment  activitIES -- SHARE IDEAS

Make "health posters" --  for your own use -- or give them as gifts.

EDUTAINMENT books contain exercises and activities (such as these).

You can take action to help heal & help others !

​MAKE HEALTH GIFT BASKETS for elderly people .... 


Or start your own business making healthy baskets !

Help people to heal ... body, mind, emotions & spirit

with these natural supplements.


Buy books in quantities and get big discounts plus other free gifts.


There are many particles in the air that cause it to be contaminated

-- and not healthy for breathing.  Those particles include = dust, soot,

residue from pesticides, microbes,  and more.  Breathing polluted air

puts you at a higher risk for asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Pollution is a known contributor to many other chronic ailments.

Because of these factors, drugs are not always the best remedies (or cures) for diseases.

Learn ways to fight viruses !

    The better you take care of your health, eat nutritious foods, and reduce poor

habits -- the better you can fight off any sickness, including viruses. 

Vaccinations are one way to boost your immunity. 

There are other methods for killing viruses in the air, disinfecting, and detoxing too.

Effective  Pathogen  Killer

The use of UV-light has been proven to be an effective way to kill bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.
Studies show that wearing a good mask helps reduce the spread of air-borne viruses.   Some masks are more effective than others.  Plus, for homes, offices & schools -- using UV Air Purifiers are good ways to fight and kill pathogens.   More info about these remedies is available in books & newsletters.
There is new technology such as the sanitizing spray tents and booths.  They can be used at entrances to schools, stores, hotels, churches, offices, museums, etc.

And there are remedies that have been successfully used for centuries to nourish the body & mind...  boost immunity ... detox the body .... and destroy harmful invaders.

Excellent Health Supplements

It is important to give your body and mind

some of the best nutrients and health

supplements -- to stay well  and to

 heal from ailments.    These CTFO products

meet that criteria.  Visit this website to see

their full line of excellent products ...

RESEARCHERS have found that CBD and HEMP products can help alleviate a variety of ailments ... ranging from epileptic seizures ... to cancer ... to diabetes .... to obesity ... to infections ... to anxiety .... to arthritis ... and more !
Contact us for info on how to get our EE Health Newsletter via regular mail .... for more info and home-based business opportunities with some of the best CBD products.


If you find yourself feeling sick... or bedridden with fever from a virus or bacteria ...  some people will tell you to ... "ride it out."

However,  the best thing to do is to consume certain nutritional foods, such as fruits... use herbs, oils, mushrooms, etc.  Drink lots of water, juices, and herb teas.  Consume lots of soups, Bone Broth, and other liquids -- to flush out  pathogens from your body. 

Natural pain-killers = CBD, Feverfew, Turmeric, White Willow, Valerian


Before you take supplements .... get facts about them.  What are their benefits ?  Are they best used for prevention or for nutritional boost ?  Can they protect from infections... or are they best used to help fight pathogens toward recovery ?

Good health is wealth !

Use your artistic skills to make posters, magnets, or other exhibits (like this)

to share facts, quotes & knowledge of effective remedies. 


The bees offer us many remedies in addition to pollinating the plants.

Free Gifts from EE are available too !

Make your own message T-SHIRTS, posters,

magnets, gifts (etc.) -- or get some from EE


ESSENTIAL OILS have been used for healing purposes for centuries.   They are often used in diffusers

(which create steam) as "aromatherapy" treatments, in addition to other ways to use them.

Edutainment books contain a treasury of info concerning these natural remedies and how they

can help improve your heath. Contact us for more information about these amazing remedies.

Excellent oils and supplements are available.

Go online to this site and review the products.  Order online if you wish ....

Hot  weather can be dangerous !

During the times of hot weather -- be sure to drink plenty of water, 

stay inside in AC as much as possible -- and consume lots

of nutrition = fruits, veggies, vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc.

Use the Gifts of Nature to Treat Ailments

Many remedies for ailments exist already -- gifts from Mother Nature.

Ozone Therapy

In 1896... the great inventor Nikola Tesla patented the first OZONE GENERATOR.   Ozone is a safe and effective way to treat and rid the body of diseases.

Tips on methods that support wellness -

One way to assist the body to heal is to SANITIZE as much as possible.   Edutainment books are filled with info and resources about how to get rid of the toxicity (detox)... affordable ways to clean the air in your homes & offices.   Learn more about the powers of HERBS,  OILS,  ALKALINE  WATER ... and more !

Good books can help heal

body and mind in many ways!

Reading,  researching and learning are also valuable healers.

Help  Other  People

Especially in difficult times -- it is essential for people to take action to collect and donate supplies for people who are in need.  Do something -- big or small --  to help make sure that people can get food.
FORMULAS   FOR  THE  CHILDREN  --  Babies need formulas that address their nutritional needs  -- but also consider their allergies or other health issues.  Some babies are 'lactose intolerant' and cannot handle cow's milk.   Goat-milk is OK for toddlers (age one or older) -- if used in a mixture -- not consumed as a lone drink.

Some  "health food stores" offer infant formulas under their own brands.  They are often more available than other brands -- and just as good as the ones with the fancy brand names.   RESEARCH the best formula types for your children -- and consult with their doctor about whether it is good for your child.



The BABY  FORMULAS  SHORTAGE is mainly effecting the "name brand" ones.  Experts claim that most STORE BRAND formulas are just as safe and nutritious as the ones with the fancy name brands. 

But the longer the shortage lasts -- the more

parents will have to search for infant formulas --

perhaps go to small Food Pantries.

Although many people are advocating ways to help babies get what they need -- such as donated breast milk ... or ... 'underground sources.'   Parents must be careful not to get old, contaminated formulas  -- or pay super high prices ... or get formula that has not been

tested for safety or nutritional quality. 

Check with your child's pediatrician before using any formula substitutes.  Each baby has certain needs.

Get the facts and correct scientific information !

Methods of Energy Healing

In addition to good nutrition, there are other

ways to get well and stay well. 

Movements for healing ...

These practices utilize slow methodical physical movements.  They are a  healing practice that has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Benefits of TaiChi and Qigong include lowered stress and anxiety, increased focus, and improved balance and flexibility. It may even reduce your risk of certain chronic diseases. 

Crystals for healing -- rocks !

Crystal therapy has been used for centuries to help treat the body holistically for various ailments and the use of these beautiful, colorful 'rock' minerals.  

Crystal therapy can be as simple as wearing precious stones and minerals as bracelets and necklaces, placing crystals in the room where you work and sleep or being treated by a crystal therapist, who can identify which stones can work to stimulate the seven chakras, or ‘energy points’ around the body.

The electromagnetic charge within each stone is said to offer healing vibrations as they work to remove blockages around the body and restore a natural flow of energy.

LEARN more about these  AMAZING

non-drug WAYS to WELLNESS --


"When a person's heart turns away from Nature -- it becomes hardened and sick."


In order to protect your health against various harmful pathogens....  be prepared. 

Do some research,  read what various experts, scientists,  dentists,  chiropractors,

health care professionals, and herbalists, etc.  -- have been writing.

Also...  take time to watch some educational videos... and participate in online workshops, etc.

NOTE =  If you are sick and continuing to get worse -- go to a doctor or other health care practitioner.


Recommendations from the CDC and other Health Agencies to wear masks.... to keep distance from other people --- avoid large group meetings ... and to "stay home" are based on the fact that a dangerous, highly contagious virus has been causing widespread sickness.    Even so,   it is still possible to find ways to live a healthy life... exercise, take walks, do some gardening, eat nutritious foods,  communicate by phone with family & friends, etc.

Extensive investigations needed !

Accidents can only happen when you already have a live virus in culture that can leak.
So far,  there is no evidence that the COVID virus was in the Wuhan Lab.

Although many people are claiming that they know where the

COVID virus originated  -- full facts about it are not known yet.



During those times when we cannot leave the house for long periods of time, you don't have to be bored ... or allow the young people to get in trouble because they are bored.   These books are filled with a variety of fun, beneficial, educational things to do.

Use of too many drugs is the least effective method...

There is no law that dictates that we must submit to sickness for a long time.

In ancient times, a variety of healing methods and remedies were discovered.

They found that for almost every ailment ... there is an herb, food, oil,

plant, nutrient,  or other remedy for healing it.  Learning effective ways

to treat our ailments (without drugs) so that that they heal is very valuable.

CONTACT US to get a copy of  "Success Secrets Newsletter" --  which is filled with valuable information, resources, natural remedies and more.

Details on how to get this newsletter are on the "contact" page.

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