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The stories of the leaders, achievers, artists, scholars, athletes, musicians, ancient contributions,  issues and events in the of Negro people has become known as "Black History." ​ It is a major part of American history and the history of the entire world.  

Dr. Carter Woodson wrote numerous books on this topic -- and he set up the official observance of "Negro History Week"  in 1926 ... which grew into -- "Black History Month."

What are some valuable lessons from history ?

How many of these leaders can you name and describe one of their major achievements ?

Remedies from the Past -

The more we study events of the past,  the more we find information that can help solve modern problems and improve our lives !


There has been a big controversy over teaching certain history

topics in schools.   Some are people labeling most

classes on * Black History and Civil Rights * and

similar issues -- as toxic, bigoted  "Critical Race Theory." 


This important issue is explained -- using facts, data,

quotes from experts, pictures &  more  -- in this full

color book = "The C.R.T. Boogeyman." 

PLUS ... there are edu-exercises included for effective teaching.

Get the facts !

This full color book offers details, historical facts, and more about the

roots of religion,  spirituality, ancient technology, alien sciences,

ancient pyramids, crystals, healing methods,  and more !

It is available via AMAZON.

Contributions  that  improved  society -

Black people invented many items

that made life easier and better !

 Ideas were Born

"By the time we get ready and leave for work ... we use many  inventions, products and conveniences that were invented by Negroes."

                .... ~ Quote from Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.

Great leaders also emerged

 Slavery was not the entire essence of "Black History."

  There have been many Black leaders, scholars, artists,

scientists, inventors, musicians, and high achievers

who  were at the forefront of many amazing events

and high-level achievements.


Learning more about the past can help us

to improve our present situation. 

Observe "Black History Month" all year.

Leaders offered wise words !

Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.  was a great leader for Civil Rights ... and a Nobel Prize winner.  He gave eloquent speeches at his rallies.   He is most well-known for  fighting illegal racial segregation,  getting laws passed for equal voting rights,  and similar issues.  

He is one of many of the great achievers who helped to solve many social problems.

Black History is part of American History

The FIRST Americans and the FIRST inhabitants of most

continents  around the world were not White people.



The more we research history ....  the more we discover how much the people of color have contributed to the development of technology, health care,  and many issues.
Black people have invented many useful products,  achieved high places, contributed 'words of wisdom' in  writings, and became leaders in many areas of life.  Have fun learning more about these amazing events in Edutainment books. 
These guidebooks are available to assist teachers, group leaders, tutors, counselors, etc. -- in ways to spice up their classes and workshops.

Now a Federal Holiday

"Juneteenth"  is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery

in the United States. On June 19, 1865, a Union General rode into

Galveston, Texas to announce that the Civil War had ended, and slaves

had been freed -- nearly 3 years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

PAST EVENTS have helped to shape the PRESENT !

HISTORY is a big subject.  There are many valuable reasons for learning more of it.

Discover more about your own family legacy and ancestors !

Learn about how civilizations rose and fell.

Discover amazing healing methods and inventions.

Gain inspiration and guidance for your own life goals.

History is a like a clock that tells us the time.

Many great lessons and a lot of beneficial information

can be learned by studying past events,  past discoveries,

and the lives of various leaders & achievers.

Studying the Past for Benefits

How did life on Earth as we know it really begin ?

What are the real facts about spirituality and religion ?

What are some of the important factors at the root

o​f spirituality and religions ?

What really happened a long time ago ... concerning "God" .... 

Earth's age & formation,  the Bible,  and spiritual issues ?

Ancient wisdom holds keys to the future !

Knowledge and wisdom are empowering !

History offers many lessons !

One question that many history buffs continue to seek answers for is how,

where, and when did the concept of "religion" begin ?  The more we can look back

into past events, the better we are equipped to discover the answers.

These  Edutainment  books  are  filled  with  edu-activities

Give gifts that keep on giving ... that empower readers.


Stories from the "colored section" of a typical American city.

Learn more about Black History that happened in this author's experiences.


This booklet is full of affordable ways to enhance your health and income !

Whether you already have a business or you want to start earning

extra money from home -- there is something valuable in it for you.

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